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Put together a Customized Bundle of Topps Digital Cards!

Customized Bundles

Posted by   John Doe
04/15/2017, 12:00:00 AM
Customized Bundles


Ever wanted to buy a bunch of cards, all at once, and make one large offer on the bundle?  Well that is the point and purpose of Customized Bundles!

We know that if you've ever gone into a hobby shop, grabbed a bunch of different cards with their retailed price stickers adhered to them, and piled them up in front of the cashier, they would be expecting a haggle.  They might add up the card prices, tell you your total and then pause.  That's where you tell them that you'll offer $X.XX to buy them all.  It's common sense that if you buy a bundle of items, that you should be getting them at a discounted price tag.

You probably have already read about the ability to make an offer on a digital card.  Well, we wouldn't want you to go around and make 50 offers on 50 digital cards that retail at $0.99 each.  No... really - we don't want you to do that!  This feature will allow you to add all of your desired cards to your shopping cart and then make a group offer on all the cards together.  Voila!  Customized Bundles.

Note: This feature is currently being developed and is not available at this time!  Keep a lookout - it will be releasing soon!


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