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Reward points

Reward points

Earn 5% Cash Back in Reward Points

When you make a purchase from, you will receive 5% of the value of your purchase in Reward Points.
You can use them at any time—they never expire!
On Topps Card Trader, each unit of currency is worth 100 points.  This means that $1.00 is equivalent to 100 points.  Since the Cash Back Rate is 5%, for every $1.00 that you spend, you will receive 5 points added to your Reward Point balance.

You can check your Reward Point balance in the "My Account" drop-down

Check Topps Card Trader Reward Balance

Using your Topps Card Trader Reward Points

You may purchase anything from the store, in combination with any promotion or discount, using your Reward Points.  Each item will display the "Price in Points" to both remind you of the rate and to help you assess whether you would like to use them for the purchase.
 Topps Card Trader Price in Points

When you are checking out, you may enter the amount of Reward Points you want to spend in the "Points to use" field. The total sum of your order will instantly be calculated.  Notice that points go side-by-side, and stack, with Gift Certificates and Promotions.

Use Topps Card Trader Reward Points

Enjoy your Collecting!  We hope to offer more promotions, deals and loyalty programs in the near future!