POSTSEASON DISCUSSION: Most Impactful Rule Change

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09/29/2020, 12:00:37 PM

Theres nothing that signals the change from summer to fall like the MLB Postseason! However, like the season itself, the 2020 Postseason will be like nothing weve seen before. Sixteen teams have already punched their tickets to the Postseason (more than ever before), the 3-game series will be introduced later today, and teams will enter a "bubble" for the Division Series, among other rule changes introduced during the season. The BUNT team wants to know which new feature of the 2020 Postseason you think will have the largest impact, whether you think it will be the most lasting or most exciting or something else! Comment below, and tomorrow we will give away 5,000 Diamonds to 5 lucky fans! Thanks for being the best fans around!