July VIP Updates!

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07/01/2020, 05:30:33 PM

Attention MARVEL Collectors!

Calculations are complete and July VIP Bundles, Avatars, and Cards are ready to be claimed by Trainees, Agents, Operatives and Heroes! Use the button below to head to the store to see if you qualified and claim your rewards.

As a reminder, all VIP points earned from June 1, 2020 at 12:00 AM ET until June 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET counted towards the July VIP Program and the following levels:

Trainee - 100 VIP Points
Trainee VIP Card
Trainee VIP Avatar
Trainee VIP 1-Time Bundle

Agent - 1,000 VIP Points
Agent + Trainee VIP Cards
Agent VIP Avatar
Agent VIP 1-Time Bundle

Operative - 5,000 VIP Points
Operative + Agent + Trainee VIP Cards
Operative VIP Avatar
Operative VIP 1-Time Bundle
Operative VIP Bundle

Hero - 10,000 VIP Points
Hero + Operative + Agent + Trainee VIP Cards
Hero VIP Avatar
Hero VIP 1-Time Bundle
Hero VIP Bundle