Relic Series heads to the Chi with Dylan Strome!

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06/30/2020, 03:01:57 PM

Relic Series is back with an all-new look!

Relic Series will come in two parallels for each release, one featuring the players away sweater (insert, scores at 1.5x), and one featuring a home relic (Limited to 100 prints, scores at 2.5x).

Relic Series will run a new checklist every 5 weeks, with an award card for each parallel announced at each checkpoint. You must own all 5 cards in a parallel to earn the award card for that parallel.

There are 2 ways to collect:

1) 10,000 Coin Pack - (AVAILABLE FOR 48 HOURS!)
Odds per Pack (while available):
- 1:20 at Away Relic insert

2) 700 Diamond Pack
Guaranteed per Pack (while available):
- 1 GTD Premium Base
- 1 GTD Away Relic insert

Odds per Pack (while available):
- 1:3 at Home Relic (LE100)

Relic Series Checklist:
1. Nikita Gusev, New Jersey Devils
2. Anze Kopitar, LA Kings
3. Sergei Bobrovsky, Florida Panthers

4. Dylan Strome, Chicago Blackhawks

5. Coming Soon

To find these on the sheet, search "relic20".