The Islanders visit the Penguins in this weeks TOPPS CLASH!

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07/01/2020, 05:01:13 PM

Our all-new Topps Clash set returns a chance to play postponed games from this years remaining NHL schedule where you decide who wins!

Your choice for this weeks CLASH by a close margin features an Eastern conference matchup thats become a bit of a rivalry as of late. The New York Islanders were set to visit Pittsburgh on March 15th to face the Penguins in what promised to be an exciting match. Can Matthew Barzal and Jordan Eberle find the weak spot in Pittsburghs defense? Or will Evgeni Malkin and Patrick Marleau prove to be too much for Semyon Varlmov to withstand? Who will win? You decide! Pick your team and start scoring now!

Stay tuned for this Fridays poll to determine the next upcoming Clash contest.

Topps Clash inserts come in 2 parallels.

- Base inserts score at 1.7x
- Topps TILT Signature Relics score at 2.2x (you must own the card to see the Topps TILT effects)

In addition to Topps Clash base and signature relic cards, there are Topps Clash Card Exchange inserts (do not score), as well as team-specific goal and save inserts.

Topps Clash cards are available for 7 days.

Fans must choose between the home team and the visiting team. This choice will lock you into that teams packs for the duration of the contest.

All fans representing the team with the largest number of goal inserts at the end of the week will receive a Gold Motion card of one of that teams players!

There are 2 ways to collect Topps Clash cards:

1) 3,000 coin pack

1:3 at Topps Clash base
1:5 at Topps Clash Goal insert
1:15 at Topps Clash Card Exchange insert

2) 50 diamonds pack

2 guaranteed Topps Clash base
1:3 at Topps Clash Goal insert
1:3 at Topps Clash Card Exchange insert

Topps Clash Signature Relics are only available via card exchange. Here is how to collect:

1) Card Exchange

3 Topps Clash Base + 1 Card Exchange insert = 1 Topps Clash Signature Relic +3 XP

You can help your team win by lowering your opponents total goal count by trading for their goal inserts and melding it into a save for your team!

1 opposing team Goal insert = 1 Save insert +1 XP

In addition, the fan with the most save inserts at the end of the 7 days will receive 500 Diamonds!

NOTE: Card Exchange is the only way to get Save inserts. Save inserts cannot be traded until this weeks cards are sold out.

Go to the Card Exchange section of the app, which is found in the Collection section drop-down menu, to meld Topps Clash inserts. Melds expire after 7 days.


New York Islanders
Bronze Base
1. Anders Lee
2. Mathew Barzal
3. Jordan Eberle
4. Nick Leddy
5. Ryan Pulock
6. Semyon Varlamov

Silver Signature Relics:
1. Mathew Barzal
2. Nick Leddy
3. Semyon Varlamov

Pittsburgh Penguins
Bronze Base:
1. Patrick Marleau
2. Evgeni Malkin
3. Bryan Rust
4. Marcus Pettersson
5. John Marino
6. Tristan Jarry

Silver Signature Relics:
1. Evgeni Malkin
2. John Marino
3. Tristan Jarry

To find these on the sheet, search "clash20-12"