Topps Now is back with this weekends game-winning action!

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09/28/2020, 05:01:27 PM

Topps NOW returns to celebrate hockeys greatest playoff moments... as they happen!

For the next 24 hours, you can pull todays Topps Now Base cards or a Topps NOW Signature!

Here is how to collect:

1) 5000 coin pack
1:10 odds at Topps NOW Base insert

2) 500 diamonds pack
1 guaranteed Topps NOW Base insert
1 guaranteed Topps NOW Signature

This is the only way to collect the Topps NOW signatures.

These cards will expire 24 hours after theyve been released.

Available today:
1. Kevin Shattenkirk, Tampa Bay Lightning
2. Corey Perry, Dallas Stars

Signature or Relic
1. Kevin Shattenkirk Tampa Bay Lightning Signature
2. Corey Perry, Dallas Stars Signature

To find these on the sheet, search "toppsnow20"