WrestleMania is back in business with Base, Signature, Dual Signature, and Relic Cards!

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04/08/2021, 02:15:18 PM

Finally... WrestleMania is back in business! Collect Cards of Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, Asuka, Bianca Belair, Bobby Lashley, and more Superstars! - The following subsets are limited (per Card): Superfractor Signature Cards (1 Print) Bronze Base Cards do not sell out and may be sold at a later date. Green Base Cards are available exclusively on the Prize Wheel and Gold Base Motion Cards are exclusive to Bundle purchases. All other non-Limited collectibles sell out on April 22nd at 2:15 PM ET. Limited collectibles sell out when all available Prints have been sold. Any remaining Cards may be sold again at a later date. - April 2021 VIP & Champion VIP can claim two FREE Super Packs in the VIP Store!