February VIP Benefits are Here!

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03/01/2021, 02:46:17 PM

Star Wars: Card Trader VIP benefits for February for all tiers are now available in the VIP Store! Claim your Cards and Credits now (if you qualified)! This months Cards will be untradeable for a short period of time to ensure they have been delivered properly. If you have not received your VIP benefits and believe you should have, please contact Customer Support via Settings > Support . Purchases made from March 1st, 2021 at 12:00 AM ET until March 31st, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET will count towards each Collectors VIP status in April 2021. All VIP benefits last for each calendar month and do not roll over to the following month. Benefits and rewards will typically be delivered to Collectors during the first week of each month. VIP Collectors will have access to special one time only Crystal Deals each month and receive up to three exclusive Cards, depending on their status. Going forward, VIP qualification will be calculated on a points basis. Each $1 spent (in USD) is equivalent to 10 VIP Points. At the present time, VIP points are only tracked internally by Topps. However, the team is working hard on making this a front-facing feature. Silver Tier Requirement: 50 VIP Points per month Rewards: 20,000 Credits, 5 VIP exclusive 2021 Base Variant Cards, 1 Silver VIP Card per month & 3 Crystal Deals per month. Gold Tier Requirement: 250 VIP Points per month Rewards: 125,000 Credits, 10 VIP exclusive 2021 Base Variant Cards, 1 Gold VIP Card, 1 Silver VIP Card per month, & 4 Crystal Deals per month. Black Tier Requirement: 1,000 VIP Points per Month Rewards: 550,000 Credits, 25 VIP exclusive 2021 Base Variant Cards, 1 Black VIP Card, 1 Gold VIP Card, 1 Silver VIP Card per month, & 5 Crystal Deals per month. Note: Future tiers, Credit bonuses, Crystal Deals, and VIP-exclusive Cards may change from month to month. There is no Award for collecting all VIP Exclusive Base Cards