The U-Wing is Todays Ships & Vehicles Card!

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04/08/2021, 10:00:27 AM

Take a look at the wide variety of ships & vehicles throughout the Star Wars galaxy! Check in every day at 10:00 AM ET to collect a new Ship or Vehicle from the Age of Rebellion! Head to the Workbench for an Exclusive Super Rare Card! The Workbench Exclusive Card will be available throughout this Wave and can be acquired by salvaging any 7 Cards from Wave 1! This weeks workbench is available until April 11th at 10:00 AM ET. There will be an Award for collecting all 4 Waves of the Workbench exclusive Card, as well as a Mission reward for collecting all 28 Cards from all 4 Waves. Each Card will be available for 24 hours, beginning daily at 10:00 AM ET. Coming Soon: Waves 2, 3 & 4