Grab Wave IV of Gift with Purchase Purple Base Bundles!

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09/17/2020, 12:01:26 AM

The Walking Dead 2020 Base - Purple Variants arrive with Wave IV exclusively in Bundles!

Purchase Diamonds at their typical rate with these Bundles and receive this exclusive 2020 Base Variant!

14 Purple Variant Base Cards + 3 Bundle-Exclusive Purple Variant Base Cards

All 17 Purple Base Variants will sell out at 11:59 PM ET on September 23.

These Purple Bundles are the only place to find the Gregory, Daryl, and Amy Bundle-Exclusive Base Cards!

Purple Variants will only be available through Bundle offers. Purchase the corresponding bundle (noted here in U.S. Dollars) to receive the following number of Purple Variants:
$2.99 - 2 random Purple Variants (and 500 Diamonds)
$9.99 - 5 random Purple Variants (and 1,900 Diamonds)
$19.99 - 12 random Purple Variants (and 4,000 Diamonds)
$49.99 - 1 Set of Purple Variants (and 10,000 Diamonds)
$99.99 - 2 Sets of Purple Variants (and 22,000 Diamonds)

A new Wave of Purple Variants will become available next week!

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